Boy's Division


We pride ourselves on offering age-appropriate activities designed to inspire your son. A summer with us means fun, adventure, friendship, and new experiences with exposure to competitive sports, team-building games, creative crafts, imaginative play, music, and daily learning. Twice weekly, campers board buses for swimming at a local licensed pool and trips to local attractions and parks. We believe in the power of play and its connection to mental and physical wellbeing. That's why we train our staff in game facilitation, group management, and conflict resolution. Our dedicated, energetic counselors know they are the key to providing your son with a stimulating, growth-oriented summer. They work hard to ensure that campers are physically, socially, and emotionally safe all summer long.

Weekly Trips


Each week, we take campers on trips to a nearby park to play on the equipment and participate in structured camp activities. We also visit a local attraction. So far, we’ve done rock climbing, trampoline parks, mini-golf, bowling, arcades, and boating, to name a few.

Grand Trip


Exploring our area provides daily fun, but campers know the event of the summer is our Grand Trip! For many, it’s the highlight of their camp experience. We head out for an extended day trip to an amusement park to experience fun-filled rides and attractions. Past trips have included Hershey Park and Dutch Wonderland.  


Developing Critical Thinking Skills

We want kids thinking and growing over the summer. That's why we include STEAM programming in our weekly activities that promotes problem solving as well as creative and analytical thinking. Our campers experience creative ways to learn and challenge themselves over the summer while having a blast!


Organized Sports

How do we get ready for fall sports? By playing in the summer! Our organized leagues allow campers to play various sports at a competitive level. Campers are divided into teams for leagues that play throughout the summer. Trained staff coach the leagues and camp culminates with an end-of-summer championship. 

Team-Building Activities

Non-competitive Play

Everybody wins in the whole-camp games and non-competitive sports we build into our daily schedule. Campers learn how to better communicate with their peers and work on life skills like listening, leadership, and creative thinking. We want kids working together, appreciating each other’s strengths, and having fun!

Sports Drills


Boys love sports! Teaching your sons athletic skills helps build confidence as they develop physical skills, improve their overall level of play, set goals, and experience the thrill of achieving them! Our skilled counselors serve as coaches and lead sports drills in a no-pressure environment.

Special Shows

Extra-Fun Experiances

The greater Washington area is home to a robust arts scene, allowing us to bring the best of children’s programming to our facility. Throughout the summer, we host special shows focusing on drama, music, sports, and STEAM. The campers love watching the amazing things people can do and trying new things themselves. Past performances have included Mad Science, magic shows, circus shows, extreme sports, and bubble shows.

Themed Days

Creative Play

Our summer program always has a general theme plus weekly themes to keep kids engaged and using their imaginations. Themes come to life in silly games, art projects, non-competitive sports, and creative play each day. Color war, field day, Olympics—it’s easy to see why campers love our themed days!


Summer Sports

Pool time is a camp highlight every summer. Campers have the opportunity to swim four mornings a week. We take a bus to a local licensed pool staffed with certified lifeguards. Our staff is also present and supervise swim time. All campers are required to pass a swimming test to swim in the main pool.

Davening and Learning

Education and Skills

To build on progress made during the school year, our program includes daily davening and learning. The boy's learning program is filled with stories, games, and incentives to keep kids engaged. Boys also practice Kri’yah each day, following the Torah School of Greater Washington’s reading program.