Girl's Division


Your daughters will meet their summer sisters and form lifelong friendships in our Girls’ Division program. Free of external social pressures, this all-girls environment offers the perfect setting for them to feel safe to be themselves, try new things, have fun, and gain self-confidence. Our well-trained staff serve as positive role models adept at nurturing girls’ strength and individuality. Girls will have opportunities to experience creative crafts, competitive sports, dance, team-building activities, music, and more. In the art studio and the pool, on the stage and the field, during daily learning or when just hanging out, girls get to laugh, create, listen, share, and flourish at Camp Shomrai.

Weekly Trips


Campers enjoy two off-campus excursions a week, one to a park and the other to a local recreational activity such as rock climbing, mini-golf, bowling, boating, gaming, or visiting a trampoline park. At community parks, they play on equipment and participate in structured group activities.

Grand Trip


Time for fun away from home! Our Grand Trip is one of the summer’s most exciting highlights. In the past, these day-long trips have included visits to Hershey Park and Dutch Wonderland.

Erev Shabbos Program

 Showcasing Talents

Girls gain self-esteem and learn to work as a team by planning an Erev Shabbos performance for the camp. Campers collaborate to create a skit, song, or dance that they perform on Friday. This imaginative program allows girls to shine in front of their peers.

Friday Food Art

Creative Cooking

With Shabbos arriving, Fridays are a special time at Camp Shomrai. Each week, the girls create an edible treat.


Developing Critical Thinking Skills

We want kids to keep thinking and growing over the summer. Our STEAM learning program brings the five disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics together for an interdisciplinary learning experience. Your daughters will gain critical thinking and personal problem-solving skills through this integrative approach to education.


Strengthening the Body

For girls to have strong minds and spirits, they need to strengthen their physical being. We offer a range of professionally taught physical activities including yoga, Zumba, and dance. Campers have fun while challenging themselves, getting essential exercise, and expanding their skill set.

Themed Days

Creative Play

To inspire kids and ignite their imaginations, each week at Camp Shomrai features a special theme. We engage in silly games, art projects, non-competitive sports, and creative play based on the theme. We also include summer camp classics like field day, color war, and Olympics. Campers love our theme days!

Davening and Learning Program

Education and Skills

Our program is designed to help each girl deepen her personal engagement with Judaism while strengthening her connection to Jewish heritage and tradition. Daily davening and learning spark reflections and meaningful conversations between campers. Girls also practice Kri’yah each day, following the Torah School of Greater Washington’s reading program.

Special Performances 

Extra-Fun Experiences

We bring talented entertainers to camp so our campers can enjoy fun, interactive performances. During past special events, campers have watched and participated in magic exhibitions, circuses, bubble shows, and the Mad Science program.


Summer Sports

It’s not summer without swimming! Four mornings a week, campers take the bus to a local, licensed pool staffed by certified lifeguards. Our staff watch and supervise as the girls swim. All campers must pass a proficiency test before swimming in the main pool.