Preschool Division


Camp Shomrai's Preschool Division is designed with a wide range of age-appropriate activities to help children learn and grow in a joy-filled environment over the summer. We give young campers the opportunity to develop and form friendships in a nurturing small group. Our exceptional staff consists of adult counselors who have experience with preschoolers and are certified in First Aid and CPR. We also hire high school students as Junior Counselors and middle school students as Counselors-in-Training. Together, we facilitate play, help campers navigate social interactions, and help campers thrive physically, socially, and emotionally!

Sensory Play

Young children learn about the world around them through their senses. That's why we incorporate play into their daily schedule that focuses on touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing, as well as activities which engage movement and balance. Campers have opportunities to get creative – and messy! – as they play with different textures and discover the world around them.

Water Play

Campers have water play every day! Keeping summer temperatures in mind, our young campers engage in water play in the morning, before it gets too hot. Campers arrive in swimsuits and play on our inflatable water slide or on any of our other playground equipment. The water slide is monitored at all times by an adult counselor while junior counselors assist children on the playground.


Our gated playground is filled with the prefect-sized equipment for your little explorer! The playground includes a toddler jungle gym, a larger jungle gym, Alfresco Motor Skills Obstacle Course, and a large sandbox. Playgrounds aren’t just for physical play and improved motor skills—they also encourage young children to improve collaboration skills and enhance critical thinking.

Music and Movement

Ready, set, move! Three days a week, campers have specialized movement sessions with a professional instructor. The classes teach a variety of techniques in a fun, age-appropriate way, including balance, spatial awareness, and coordination. In past years campers have enjoyed professionally taught yoga, Zumba, and My Gym classes for the campers’ enjoyment.


We incorporate nature into our weekly programming so children learn about the wonderful world around them. Spending time in nature provides countless opportunities for creativity, discovery, problem-solving, and even early STEAM education. Each week campers have opportunities to explore nature with structured activities including scavenger hunts, planting, and experiments.

Special Activities

You never know who might show up to help campers engage in creative play, thinking, and expression. Each week we bring a special program to camp to encourage imaginative play. In previous years, guests have included Mad Science, Mother Goose on the Loose, Port Discovery's Museum on the Road, petting zoos, puppet shows, and magic shows.

Rest Time

All of this fun and learning can get tiring! So all of our young campers have rest time for a short period in the afternoon each day. Quiet time allows campers to take a break, look at books, or engage in independent play with our quiet "busy bag" activities. Campers rest on individual blankets or mats while soft music plays in the background. Typically younger children fall asleep during the rest time. We can work with your needs to make sure your child stays on their sleep schedule.

Shabbos Party

Each week campers enjoy a "Shabbos Party" on Friday afternoons. Campers sing, listen to stories, and enjoy an erev Shabbos treat. Rabbi Rosenbaum visits the camp on Fridays to share his thoughts on the week’s parasha with the campers.

Early-Care and After-Care


Our early-care begins at 8 a.m. and our after-care program runs from 3-5 p.m. During early-care, children enjoy free play and receive a healthy Kosher breakfast. The afternoon program is a mix of free play and guided activities including art, music, and movement. The focus in both periods remains engaging your child in a wide variety of age-appropriate activities that will help them learn and have fun.