Teen Division


The teenage years are a special time of life as boys become men. Our Teen Division will help your teenage sons grow into responsible young adults—while having the time of their lives and forming lasting friendships! The program’s age-appropriate activities strengthen teens’ essential life skills, build self-confidence, and promote maturity. Our program includes physical activity, social fulfillment, intellectual challenges, fun, and adventure. Your teen’s summer will include exciting trips, swimming, competitive sports, advanced crafts, and serious learning to keep them challenged and growing all summer long.



Weekly hikes challenge campers to push their limits and tap into their adventurous side. We take full advantage of our area’s many opportunities to experience nature and develop a lifelong relationship with the great outdoors. Campers learn to appreciate Hashem's world and navigate it safely.

Wood working 


 Ready, set, build! Our teens create wood projects over the course of the summer. The most impressive thing they build is their own confidence. We always emphasize safety and creativity as they learn. 


Social Skills

Learning to work as a team is an important part of maturing. Our program’s team-building activities help teenage boys gain effective communications skills and think creatively. With energy and enthusiasm, they’ll sharpen their strategic thinking skills and unite to form a strong team in an environment of support and trust.

Learning Program


We value the importance of year-round education. Campers start each day with learning and tefillah. The boys learn in a group setting under the guidance of Rabbi Kasierer.

Amusement Parks


Summer means being whisked away to a place of fun and imagination. Our teens make several trips to amusement parks where they can bravely overcome their fears, try new things, and experience a healthy adrenalin rush, all while bonding with friends.

Exciting Trips


The Greater Washington area is ideal for exploration, and we’re more than happy to oblige. Campers take multiple trips each week to nurture their curiosity, get to know their city on a higher level, experience the world around them in a new way, and build strong friendships in the process.